Men’s Ministry Mission

Our Men’s Ministry seeks to build faith in the context of genuine friendship.

mensMen are facing many challenges in today’s world. Countless men find themselves tired, uncertain of the future, friendless, operating without reserves and spiritually searching. The goal of our Men’s Ministry is to provide an encouraging environment in which men are able to evaluate their priorities and develop their skills in serving God and serving one another. The cornerstone of our Men’s Ministry is the Men’s Power Breakfast held on a Saturday morning each month. Out of the breakfast flows building projects, mission projects, recreational opportunities and events for personal growth and inspiration.

The focus is on our “I-sight” or the four “I” fundamentals:

  • Integrity         Do my talk and walk match?
  • Identity          Do I know who I am?
  • Influence       Do I make a difference?
  • Intimacy         “In-to-me-see”